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“Time” they say “waits for no man”. So, whilst the seasons change and we have dark cold nights to look forward to, spring has sprung across the southern hemisphere. With the help of a very dear friend, we hope to bring you some rays of sunshine to brighten the most darkest of nights. I am truly honoured to announce my fabulous friend Matthew Myers will be sharing some of his favourite interviews published in DNA Magazine with us. 

Yes, The Celebrity Whisperer himself will be adding his support for the global work Haemosexual & Haemosexual Australia are engaged in. Bringing some glitz and glamour with his own unique style of interview that celebs simply cannot resist. 

All you need to do now is sit back, relax and enjoy the stories from the stars. 

Matt & Paul PK Kennedy


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Playing Dr Henry Fox in TV’s beloved drama series, A Place To Call Home has been something of a cathartic experience for Tim Draxl, he says. So, too, for many gay fans around the world who see his character as a beacon of hope and possibility. This month, Tim sheds his ’50s threads for a DNA fashion shoot. Our theme: on set with 007. Tim reveals not just his gym-toned body, but his love of James Bond, his passion for theatre and LGBTIQ rights.

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Matt & Will Fennel


A famous Aussie swashbuckler is about to get a new lease of life. Actor, Thomas Cocquerel tells Matt Myers what it’s like to be…In Like Flynn!

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Matt & Blake Appelqvist


Here’s some information about the Celebrity Whisperer.

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I thought about it for a moment, then realised how apt it actually was, having spent the last twenty years interviewing everyone from Stephen Fry to Joan Rivers, and Eddie Izzard to Ryan Eggold.

And then there is the local talent. From the Shakespearean stage and the comedy festivals to the iconic Aussie soapies, film world and sporting arena.

From my early movie reviewing days at Fairfax Media to my monthly features in DNA Magazine and involvement with the theatre, it has certainly been a colourful journey, like a movie itself – well actually more like a musical!

Whether it’s amidst the action of a London studio, backstage at a Melbourne theatre dressing room or sipping a latte in a Sydney cafe, my interview experiences have been informative, fun and rewarding.

In fact, I usually come out feeling like I’ve made a new friend. In many cases I have.

In The Horse Whisperer movie, Robert Redford had an affinity with horses. I’d like to think my interviews have a similar connection.

So thank you to all those talented people who have given me their time and words.

They all have a story to tell, which I trust you will enjoy discovering here.

Matthew Myers
The Celebrity Whisperer


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