Coming Out

Coming Out


Being gay or bisexual is nothing to be ashamed of – it’s something you can feel proud about. Almost everyone feels stressed about “coming out” and sometimes it’s like there is never the perfect time. Planning what you want to say can help you stay calm and in control. Heightened anxiety levels can be distracting and may cause additional bleeding episodes, requiring more treatment than normal.

If you have a girlfriend or wife you may feel guilty about carrying on a relationship or worried that it will end as soon as you tell. If you are worried about any medications which you feel might be affected, contact your centre to make alternative arrangements. If you have children you may be concerned that your partner will not let you see them in the future. You may want to consider getting some advice about what your legal rights are.

If you don’t tell people who are close to you that you are gay, you may be cutting them off from a very important part of your life. Keeping secrets is not only stressful but can raise concern from those close to you, adding more pressure to tell them before you are ready. If you come from a different culture or religious background that may make it especially difficult.




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