Personal Safety and Awareness



Living with a bleeding disorder doesn’t automatically make you a target. Technology, such as the internet and mobile phone apps have made life a lot easier to meet people. Some might just be looking for one off, random sexual encounters. Some want more such as a “fuck-buddy” or a relationship, each bringing their personal demands and pressures. This technology does come with unique risks and raises some safety issues you might want to consider.

There are people who enjoy sex outdoors or in public places. These can be known as “cruising” areas, which can be a roadside lay-by, woods, parks or car parks. Sex in public toilets (cottaging) is illegal; however your personal safety and health should always be the most important thing.


  • You have rights


  • Condoms break because they have been wrongly fitted, causing damage or a non-water based lube has been used


  • There can be blood in poo (scat) which increases the risk of Hepatitis transmission, including Hepatitis A, B, C and E


  • If you have not been vaccinated, consider screening and vaccination for Hepatitis A and B


  • Possible risks go out of your mind when you are having fun, so it may help to think about exactly what you are and are not prepared to do. *It’s OK to say NO


  • Having treatment before you go out could help you, if something were to happen. You will also be able to enjoy yourself more, if you meet Mr Right


  • Love bites may cause serious bleeds into the throat, blocking your airway which can prove fatal if left untreated.


Try not to give yourself or your guy a hard time if you forget to use a condom or it splits – practice makes perfect! The most common phrase used for not wearing a condom is bare backing and there are guys who will only want unprotected sex.

Homophobic attacks on gay/bi-sexual people (queer bashing) are sadly a very real threat today. These criminal offences can be for robbery, discrimination, or for more sinister reasons.




 *Enjoy yourself but remember it’s always OK to say NO