Homophobia / Abuse


Homophobic attacks on gay/bi-sexual people (queer bashing) are sadly a very real threat. These criminal offences can be for robbery, discrimination, or for more sinister reasons.

Abusive behaviour towards a person can take many different forms and can lead to the victim suffering physical and / or psychological harm.


For example:

  • Bullying, intimidation, forcing you to do things you may not wish to do


  • Domestic violence such as being beaten up by a partner or someone within your family


  • Threatening behaviour, to hold a position of power over the victim to ensure they comply


  • Rape



homophobia - species


Sometimes these offences may not be easily seen or understood by the victim and may not be inflicted for a sexual reason. The people closest to you might not be aware of any abuse taking place.

The person inflicting the abuse could be someone in a trusted profession who may choose to use their position in society to influence others, hiding the abuse, such as, a doctor, nurse, medical professional or a carer.

This does not mean it is right or should be allowed to continue.


Shh! Silence Helps Homophobia – asks people to stand up and speak out against homophobia! This campaign will run through all of LGBT Youth Scotland’s Education activities for 2014-15.

LGBT Youth Scotland is a national youth organisation working towards the inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people in the life of Scotland. We provide a range of services and opportunities for young people, families and professionals. www.lgbtyouth.org.uk




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Stephen Fry – Out There, episode 1. A documentary on homophobia in all its nasty variants. Stephen Fry has interviewed homophobes and homosexuals around the world (including Elton John). Watch the whole documentary here, plus Stephen’s interview about it:



*If you believe you or someone you know is being abused or have been attacked, report it immediately to the Police by dialling 999





Domestic Abuse

National LGBT Domestic Abuse Helpline
Round national helpline logo.png

T: 0800 999 5428
E: help@galop.org.uk

Emotional and practical support for LGBT people experiencing domestic abuse. Abuse isn’t always physical- it can be psychological, emotional, financial and sexual too. Speak out, don’t suffer in silence.

Opening Times:

10am – 5pm Monday
10am – 5pm Tuesday
10am – 5pm Wednesday
10am – 8pm Thursday
1pm – 5pm Friday
12pm – 4pm Sunday

1pm – 5pm Tuesday is trans specific service.


Further information and links for support can be found on the Haemosexual “Links” page.