Haemosexual Is Going Down Under

What’s that you say Skip?


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Haemosexual is going Down Under…


Survivor? Victim? Activist? Teacher? Fighter?

I could apply all of the above labels to my life so far but the one I prefer to use is “Human being.”

From the moment HIV / AIDS emerged, sexuality and sexual health became almost off limits within the bleeding disorder community. Throughout the entire AIDS epidemic to 2014, when I founded Haemosexual, there was no information or support structure offered to people with a bleeding disorder who identify as LGBTQI. More worryingly no sexual health or safety advice was provided to a community already tragically torn apart by pain, grief and deadly viruses.

Growing up as a boy I had no role models, I had nobody to approach, nobody to ask questions about the way I was being made to feel. What right does anyone have to deny another human being recognition and compassion? I am the way I am and those who have a problem with that, then it is their problem, not mine and it equally does not make their opinion correct. 

Right now there are young boys and girls with a bleeding disorder who do not know who they are, fact. So why are we still allowing, in the 21st century those in positions of care to place their beliefs over the needs of those they claim to protect? 

I’m not coming to seek approval or validation because I have had to struggle to achieve a position in life whereby I am comfortable with who I am. However, that is not the case for many others who do need support, who are looking for guidance.

If I can be that one beacon of hope, that one person who understands, who can say it is perfectly acceptable to talk about your feelings then that is what I will continue to fight for. Today we see people with bleeding disorders doing amazing things, being who they truly are should not be “off limits” or seen as “too explicit.” Equality does not have boundaries and justice cannot be evaded for eternity.

Looking forward to seeing my Australian friends and of course the goddess herself, Cher at the Sydney Mardi Gras celebrations, not forgetting Australia said yes to equal marriage.

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Love is Love


You can see some of my trip highlights on Instagram and Facebook: @haemosexual 

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