What Else is Hiding in the Dark?

Ok, so let me set the scene…

One of your mates suggests a lad’s holiday, somewhere warm and cheap with plenty of eye candy to gawp at as the booze flows freely.


Sounds familiar?

Let’s do it. You deserve a break, a good laugh, it’s what makes you feel alive and who knows what else it might lead to? Prince charming could be propping up the bar, waiting for you to walk in, ready to sweep you off your feet to paradise. Well get your legs in the air at least.

Stuff your suitcase with plenty of those figure hugging tops and outfits which you know makes you look perfectly stunning. Add in your skimpy swimwear that tells everyone you are there to flaunt wot you got. Hair immaculate, money? Tickets? Passport?

Oh, I can almost hear them falling at your feet from here.

And another thing, don’t forget your suntan lotion, a good supply of condoms and at the airport, those duty free essentials.

Now go and get em gorgeous. Sun, fun and bum here they come.






Here you are then, you’ve arrived.

Feel the heat from the sun on your face as you get off the plane. Whilst waiting for your bags, you can picture yourself on a sun lounger getting your buff bronzed look off to a good start.

Sipping down a nice cool beer or maybe something exotic.

Remember, it’s always past twelve O’clock somewhere in the world and you are there to enjoy yourself.

What’s the first thing you always do?

Check out the view from the balcony to see whose laying by the pool? Do you immediately unpack? Perhaps you get so far into the holiday spirit you just dump your bags in the room and head straight to the bar? Or do you chill, go with the flow and look forward to the coming days full of lazing about soaking up the sunshine by the pool. Lots of laughing and mucking about with your mates, you know exactly what makes a perfect holiday for you.



Maybe that includes a nice slow walk over the sand dunes, to do a spot of sightseeing shall we say or even taste a few of the local delicacies.



As the sun sets you start making plans for the big night ahead. You need to look fabulous because your lack of a tan screams “new arrivals”, it will be like waving a neon sign above your head shouting “fresh meat”.

After the obligatory fashion parade along with a few small glasses of something to help whilst you’re getting ready. It’s time for your public to see you, so get out there, walk the walk, talk the talk, par-tay and mingle.


As the night progresses, you and you’re mates are setting the dance floor on fire with your moves. You’re working that club and flirting with anyone who makes eye contact with you. You’ve lost all track of whose round it is, in amongst the shots and the large measures served.

You’re buzzing from everything you have consumed.

Your beer goggles are well and truly on and paradise with prince charming bar-cru-lisbon-4will have to wait until another night because right now you are horny.

This is when you get the bright idea to go and find out what’s on offer in the dark room.

It’s your first night so everyone has obviously noticed you and you know they want you.

Who wouldn’t? You look amazing.

You wobble a little as you stand in the doorway facing the darkness, squinting, trying to make out images from the quick flashes of light coming from the dance floor. You see an arm or a chest, was it a back, then another flash, a face appeared and yeah he looked really nice from the slightest glimpse you caught of him, so you venture in.


Your eyes struggle to focus on anything they can as your ears are filled with the sounds of other people’s pleasure. The moaning grows loader with every step you take. Then a hand suddenly reaches out from the darkness and touches your chest. You jump as you grab the hand back, slowly beginning to feel your way along the arm. Your mind racing as you are desperately imagining what will happen next, what are you prepared to do next? He pulls you towards him and your bodies collide, skin touches skin both of you trying to get a feel for the person you just made contact with. With your hormones racing and your heart trying to pound out of your chest your lips touch and you want him, you want all of him right now. You both grope in the darkness tugging at each other’s clothes, burning with lust. His hands slide down your body and then expertly unbuckle your belt, pop go the buttons and…

What happens next is entirely up to you.



Having a regular sexual health check up, the same way you do for your Haemophilia, is a good routine to get into.

Unlike other viral infections, Hepatitis B can easily be contracted and most infections are through sexual activities.

You can get advice or a sexual health check up from any GUM clinic. This is confidential and your Haemophilia Centre won’t be told about your visit. You could use a false name if you’re worried. 

Further information can be found in the GMFA article below on “How to survive a darkroom” and the Sexual Health pages of the Haemosexual website.



This time I will leave you with a YouTube clip from the Vampire movie “Blade”.

Not only is this one of my favourite movies but I love the way the techno soundtrack immerses the viewers into the heightening atmosphere of the club where one almost feels as if they can do anything.

I also hope this clip will make you think, as it does me, on many different levels.

Take care, stay safe and please don’t have nightmares, just fun.