How to Survive a Darkroom



How to survive a darkroom


Darkrooms or backrooms are cruising mazes that are found in some venues. Their main purpose is to provide party goers with a place to have sex. They can be very hot if you have an exhibitionist streak or enjoy group play but they can also be dangerous especially when drugs and alcohol are involved.









Back Rooms and Dark Rooms: HIV Lurks Within!

Uploaded on 31 Mar 2008

From his HIV diagnosis in 1985 until his death in April of 2009, Cass Mann was one of the world’s longest-term HIV-positive survivors. He founded Positively Healthy, the UK’s only HIV/AIDS charity staffed exclusively by openly gay men, which provided HIV services including education, support, and peer counselling. These videos now archive his wisdom and insight for future generations. Here he talks about how back rooms and dark rooms contribute to the spread of HIV. Back rooms and dark rooms are stand-alone clubs or rooms attached to bars or pubs that have no lighting and where people have anonymous sex with people they can’t even see in the dark. When you can’t see your partner, you can’t make any judgments about your potential partner. You can’t tell if they appear healthy or are obviously ill. You can’t make an informed choice. Back rooms and dark rooms may be a major venue for HIV transmission today.

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