UK Haemophilia Society – Board Statement on Contaminated Blood March 2017


The Haemophilia Society has today issued a clear statement on what we believe on the Contaminated Blood issue. This is our stance, agreed by our Board of Trustees, and is the basis for our campaigning. This statement builds on the work of the Society since the 1980s but is a firm commitment from today’s Society and Trustees.

The statement challenges the Government’s narrative on the scandal, sets out the basis for our opposition to the current support regime, calls for a full public inquiry and reaffirms our commitment to represent our members and their need for special treatment. The Board of Trustees have carefully considered this statement and all its contents.

We also comment on the actions and statements of The Haemophilia Society at the time and issue an unreserved apology.

We know there will be people who disagree with what we have said but we encourage all members, other campaigners, politicians, the government, the media and the wider public to carefully read this statement and know where we stand.


The full statement is available below:




Please see below for a press release sent out by Tainted Blood earlier in response to today’s very welcome statement by the Haemophilia Society. As usual we would encourage you all to forward it to any press contacts you are in touch with.

Thank you.

Sue Threakhall

Tainted Blood Secretary


To read the Tainted Blood press release click on link below: