‘HIV Patient Survey’

‘HIV Patient Survey’

by Elias Phiri

Dear all,

It has been brought to our attention that a number of HIV patients have been instructed that their Single Tablet Regimen or Fixed Dose Combination antiretroviral drugs are to be split up. They will therefore have to take their different antiretroviral components separately, which means from one pill to possibly several pills a day. The explanation for this is the Improving Value from Specialised Care programme” driven by NHS England.

We would like to understand patients’ views on this and we are thus asking HIV patients to complete a ‘5-minute survey’ on this matter.


To complete the survey, please kindly click on: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/5C6R2QX 

(if this link is not opening on your computer, please kindly copy and paste on your URL or email ephiri10@yahoo.com or denis@africadvocacy.org)


Please kindly help to promote this survey to your members and other networks. We will be presenting the outcome of the survey at BHIVA conference on 6th April – as part of a Lunchtime Workshop:

A patient-given right: insights into shared decision making in a changing NHS landscape (community advocates are part of the panel).


This survey is anonymous.

No one will be able to identify patients or determine which hospital the patient is accessing their HIV treatment from.

Please note that people should complete this questionnaire by 5th April 2017.


This survey is being conducted by community stakeholders representing:  NAM, African Health Policy Network, Cara Trust, Africa Advocacy Foundation, CAFPH, AAEGRO, UKCAB and Beyond Positive.



Thank you for your assistance in this important matter