No Sex we’re British


Having a bleeding disorder doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy sex. Have fun and bear in mind that there is nothing you can’t do.

*We would always recommend using a condom


Some men with a bleeding disorder can occasionally have blood in their cum, called haemospermia. This can be worrying for both you, and the guy you’re with. You might need to explain to him why this happens and tell the centre, as you would any bleed.


Oral Sex

Some people enjoy being sucked off or giving head. There is nothing to stop you enjoying this too. One important piece of advice, do not brush your teeth before you engage in oral sex. This is because brushing your teeth can cause your gums to bleed which make you susceptible to infections. We would recommend you use a good anti-bacterial mouthwash instead.


Playing games

Some people enjoy using sex toys, being spanked or tied up. Because of your bleeding disorder, you might have a higher pain threshold than others and it may be best to give yourself factor cover beforehand. It’s important to think about your personal safety, negotiate what you will and will not be comfortable with and make sure that you have a “trigger” word that means STOP NOW.


Water Sports

It is very common for people with a bleeding disorder to have blood in their urine (pee). Where the water sports players have an existing infection and/or compromised immune systems, potential health risks are greater.


Anal Sex

There is no increased risk of bleeding just because you have a bleeding disorder, as long as you are relaxed, find a position that’s comfortable and use plenty of lube. However, you could have treatment before, if not, and you do get a bleed, treat first if you can, then seek medical advice.


*No Sex Please We’re British was written by Alistair Foot and Anthony Marriott. It premièred in London’s West End on 3rd June 1971. A film version followed in 1973.