Is Anybody There?

Anybody There

Have you ever thought you are the only man with a bleeding disorder who thinks about, has had or wants to have sex with men? Well, that is not the case and you are certainly not alone.

Research suggests there are approximately 10,000 men living with a bleeding disorder in the UK, with approximately 800+ having had some form of sexual encounter with another man.

This website and accompanying publication has been compiled by gay men with haemophilia, experts and medical professionals. With no other support or information available for people with bleeding disorders, we wanted to share our knowledge and experience in a more open and less clinical manner. Along with providing advice on sexual health matters, we hope to offer support and friendship to enable you to make informed decisions about your life and the future.


If you would like to talk to someone this can be arranged and contact details can be found in the Information section of the Haemosexual website.