If you are travelling within the EU

If you are travelling inside the EU


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If you are travelling in the EU or Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland then you should also make sure you are carrying a European Health Insurance Card.  There is also an accompanying smartphone app which will help you make the most of the card.  Remember, having the card doesn’t mean that you don’t need travel insurance; most people will need both. EU legislation also means that if you have reduced mobility you have rights to access, assistance and information when you travel inside the EU.

It is free to apply for the European Health Insurance Card so beware of online services offering to do it for you for a fee.

If you forget to organise you card then it is possible to order a temporary certificate (known as a PCR) from the Overseas Team at the Department of Work & Pensions.  However, this is the last thing you will want to be doing if you have health problems while away so it is best to make sure it is sorted before you travel.



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