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Qantas eyes direct flights to Sydney as London to Perth route proves a hit

Qantas wants direct flights between London and Sydney

There is no shortage of passengers willing to spend 17 hours in the air to fly on the world’s first scheduled flight between the UK to Australia, new figures have shown.

Qantas said that its London to Perth service, linking Heathrow with the capital of Western Australia, was its “highest rating service”, that “customers love it” and that the flights had been 92 per cent full since launching in late March. Load factors in business class are even higher at 94 per cent.

“Amazing performance for a new operation,” said Alan Joyce, the Australian airline’s CEO.

The 8,991-mile route was the product of decades of ambition to run a direct link between the UK and Australia, with Qantas working hard with Boeing to make the service commercially viable.

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‘End of an era’: Qantas 747 jumbos to disappear

IT WAS once one of the most popular passenger planes in the world, but now it’s about to disappear from our skies forever.

The Qantas 747 will soon be retired. Picture: Donal Moutain

IT’S one of the most popular planes to ever take to the skies and has reigned for more than 40 years, but sadly the days of the 747 jumbo jet are coming to an end.

Despite capturing the attention — and hearts — of passengers around the world for a generation, the aircraft affectionately known as the Queen of the Skies has fallen out of favour with major airlines in recent years. And today, Qantas became the latest to set a retirement date for the iconic aircraft.



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Set in stunning locations across the globe, our new Qantas inflight safety video features Australians sharing the spirit of Australia with the world.


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24/25th March 2018

The first non-stop service from Australia to Europe

 Melbourne – Perth – London Heathrow – Perth – Melbourne


QF009 Departs Melbourne 16.20 to Perth & 18.50 for London arriving 05.10+1


QF010 Departs London 13.15 to Perth arriving 13.00+1 and Melbourne 2055+1

The launch of Perth – London Heathrow will be the first time that there is a regular direct non-stop air service between Australia and Europe. Perth-London Heahrow at 7828 nautical miles will be the longest flight operated by a 787 family aircraft and will also be the current longest flight in the Qantas network

It’s an historic day for aviation with the first direct flight from Australia to Europe set to depart from Perth in just under an hour. The inaugural Qantas 787 Dreamliner flight will fly nonstop from Perth to London, a 17 hour trip.

Over the years we have seen aircraft capabilities improve.



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Before World War 2 in 1938 the journey from Perth to London took 10 days with 37 stops.



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In 1957 a flight took 2 days and 8 stops.



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In 1965 the journey took 27 hours and 5 stops.



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In 1989 the journey time was reduced to 22 hours and 1 stop.



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In recent years we have seen the one stop flight reduced to about 19-20 hours.



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From 2016 to present day the livery carrying the Flying Kangaroo 



The original Kangaroo Route (Sydney – London Heathrow) began in 1947 and took 55 hours with 8 stops. 


In 2018 people can spot the beautiful livery of the “Rainbow Roo” aircraft in support of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.




Further historic pictures can be seen at the QANTAS Gallery:




The Qantas Story

The Qantas story is inextricably linked with the development of civil aviation in Australia. It begins with fragile biplanes carrying one or two passengers in open cockpits and progresses to the new Airbus A380s flying some 450 people half way around the world in a day.




For information on QANTAS flights to/from Australia click on the picture below 


Haemosexual Australia

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