Gok Wan 7 Gay Times: Global Pride Makeover


Gok Wan and Gay Times join All Out to give the world a Global Pride Makeover











In the exclusive film, created especially for this year’s Pride week, Gok dresses a group of people looking for their perfect Pride outfit that they can wear anywhere in the world. However, in an unexpected twist, each must have an item that represents the persecution faced by members of the LGBTQ community globally.

These must-have items featured in Gok’s Global Pride Makeover include:

• A distressed leather jacket: An essential item as a protective layer for Pride in Istanbul last week (and in 2017) when police fired rubber bullets into the crowd.

• Makeup wipes: An essential item at Pride in Uganda in 2016, where brave individuals breaking gender boundaries were arrested and sexually assaulted by the Ugandan police.

• A black woollen hat: An essential item for those in Indonesia this year, where trans individuals with long hair were rounded up by police and had their hair forcibly cut.



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Gok Wan has joined forces with Gay Times to release a powerful campaign video about the brutalities the LGBQT community face around the world. He and Rylan share why it’s so important that everyone supports the Pride way of life.