Global Anti-LGBT Headlines


Russian Legislation Declares War on Trans People

Publicly Shamed : Indonesian Police Make Arrests in Raid on Jakarta Gay Party

Court Upholds Jail Sentence for Homosexuality in Tunisia

Police Officers Sentenced to 20 Years Jail for Transgender Murder in El Salvador

Blogger Subjected to Anal Exam, Beating and Verbal Abuse by Authorities After LGBTQ Tweet in Saudi Arabia

Republican Party In North Dakota Condemned Following Anti-LGBT+ Rhetoric

LGBT+ Syrians Facing Extreme Oppression From Both Government And ISIS

Black Trans Army Veteran Suing NYPD After “Dehumanising” Treatment

Turkish Drama Show Cancelled by Netflix Over Gay Character

Putin Urged to Ban Rainbow Ice-Cream

Turkish President Launches Fresh Attack on LGBT+ Community

Activists provided Gay Star News with examples of posts that were reported to Facebook, including one which, when translated from Arabic, read: “If you think it’s your right to act on sodomy/homosexuality, then it’s my right to throw you off the roof.”

For as much as LGBT+ activists have secured a roster of rights in recent years, Black trans women are killed with such harrowing frequency that the American Medical Association has declared it an epidemic.

Black Transgender Teen Found Dead in Possible Murder for Hire Plot

For anyone asking why we still need Gay Pride marches this might explain how our fight for equality has a long way to go 😢
She went on to consider the best way to kill homosexuals, explaining that although there is a consensus that they should die, there is some disagreement over what form their murder should take.
“The companions of prophet Mohammed unanimously agreed that homosexuals should be killed, but they had disagreements about the method of killing,” she said.

Ukraine LGBT+ Pride Flag Flies High Above Kyiv

UK Terror Attack Victims All Gay Men

President Of Poland Pledges To Ban LGBT+ Education In School

‘The Government of Egypt Killed Her’ – Egyptian Lesbian Refugee Commits Suicide After Waving Rainbow Flag at Concert

New Trump Appointee Believes USA Is Under Attack From A “Tyrannical LGBT+ Agenda”

VIDEO: Reality TV Star Refused Service For Being Gay

Daniel Radcliffe Refutes JK Rowling Anti-trans Comments

Widespread Criticism of EU Commission’s Response to Poland’s LGBTQ-free Zones

Trump Administration Pushing Supreme Court To Rule In favour Of Adoption Discrimination

Zambian President Pardons Two Gay Men After Ousting US Ambassador

Turkmenistan: Actor Imprisoned For Homosexuality

JK Rowling Under Fire Again With Anti-Trans Controversy

Anti-LGBT+ Judge Gets Closer To Supreme Court Position

Court Releases LGBTIQ People Jailed in Uganda

Law Change: Hungary No Longer Recognises Trans People

Homophobic Babysitter Films Her Abuse Of Young Boy For Dancing “Gay”

Hate Crimes Against LGBT+ Community Up 36% In France

Europe: 40% of LGBTI People in EU Continue to Face Harassment

Man Arrested for Gay Hate Murder After 31 Years

Gay Man Shoots His ‘Lover’ Over Blackmail Attempt By Mother

Report Claims LGBTQ People Experiencing Domestic and Family Violence Face Unique Challenges

Epidemic of Violence: Transgender Murders Continue in US

USA: State Funded Foster Agency Facing Legal Battle For LGBT+ Discrimination

Turkish Schoolchildren Forbidden to Draw Rainbows – “it turns children into gays”

Uganda LGBTQ Shelter Homeless Still in Jail

LGBT+ Discrimination Protections Removed In Florida

Brazil’s President Bolsonaro Suggests WHO Encourages Childhood Homosexuality

Former Pope Unleashes With Homophobic Rhetoric

Ex-Cop Says Homophobia A “Cancer” In UK Police Force

Poll Shows Russian Attitudes Toward LGBT+ Community Slightly Improving

Two Arrested Over Trans Women Murders in Puerto Rico

Kenyan Court Refuses to Lift Lesbian Film Ban

Trans Woman Whipped and Tied Up by Community Leader in Namibia

Puerto Rico Under Fire Over Response To LGBT+ Murders

Questions Raised Over South African President’s Warmth To Homophobic Leaders

Puerto Rico | Authorities Confirm Murder Of Two Transgender Women

Nigeria | Policeman Beaten Following Gay Allegations

Men Living in Fear as Trans Model Launches Campaign to Out Them

Fiji Rugby Chairman Resigns Over Homophobic Comments

Turks Call for Netflix Boycott

Hungary’s Government Aiming To Block Transgender Rights

U.S. Naval Officer is Suing the Pentagon Over Trump’s Trans Military Ban

Idaho Governor Signs Anti-Trans Bills Into Law Under Covid-19 Smokescreen

Singapore High Court Upholds Gay Sex Ban

Coronavirus Threat: Gay Couple Asked to Leave Apartment Building

Egyptian Government Denies Existence Of LGBTI+ People

Anti-LGBTQ Beliefs Catalyst for Miley Cyrus to Leave Church as a Teenager

Conviction Of Gay Rapist In UK Used As Catalyst For LGBTI Crackdown in Indonesia

Teen Expelled From School For Rainbow Birthday Cake in Kentucky USA

Putin Aiming to Amend Russian Constitution With Ban On Same-Sex Marriage

African LGBTIQ Rights Conference Banned by Ghana

Switzerland Makes Public Expressions of Homophobia Illegal

French Club Under Fire After Folau Signing

Former Soldier Confirms Prince Harry Defended him from Homophobic Soldiers

Supreme Court of Brazil Overturns Banning Gay Jesus Film

Tennessee Urged to Ignore Marriage Equality Ruling

Church OK with monk telling gay people to die but it takes issue with him trashing the Pope

A homophobic monk has been excommunicated from Catholic church not because for his vehemently antigay actions, which have resulted in at least one hate crime conviction, but because he trash talked the Pope in a blog post.

Damon Jonah Kelly was kicked out of the church by the Bishop of Argyll and the Isles after he wrote a scathing post attacking Pope Francis for “behaving in an ambiguous fashion towards homosexuals” and calling him a “great heretic.”

US Ambassador to Zambia Recalled Over Gay Jailing Furore

Canadian trans activist Julie Berman found murdered in Toronto

Julie Berman. Via Pride Toronto

Members of Toronto’s LGBTQ community mourn the loss of activist Julie Berman, a transgender woman who famously advocated for more protections for transgender individuals.