We spend weeks, months, even years trying to figure out what our sexuality is. To our knowledge, we’ve found 29 sexualities that individuals identify with. But, there could be even more out there & with an ever-growing community in years to come there could be double.

Sexuality labels help us identify and feel apart of a community. However, it’s a strong possibility that you identify with none of the labels below & I want to stress, this is okay. Labels are just a few letters stringed together, they don’t define you as a person. Please remember this if you’re searching to explain what you’re feeling & feel disappointment if none below are identifiable.

A-Z list of sexualities

Perception is everything. It impacts our public image, as well as our personal relationships. Being open about one’s orientation is a risk, but one that can pay off by living a fully authentic life. Visibility can break down stereotypes, eliminate shame and secrecy, and create accessible, realistic representation and role models.

Misty Gedlinske is a Fond du Lac, Wisconsin resident originally from Asheville, North Carolina. She received her Associate of Applied Science degree in Leadership Development from Moraine Park Technical College in May 2018, and will transfer to UW-Green Bay in August to pursue her B.A.S. degree in Nonprofit Leadership. Her professional career includes over a decade in local government administration as a Municipal Clerk.

She is the founder of Fond du Lac Pride Alliance, a community outreach effort connecting local LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies with services, resources, and welcoming organizations. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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