World Federation of Haemophilia Congress 2020 – Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur to host World Federation of Hemophilia Congress in 2020

The WFH World Congress is said to be the most significant international forum that brings together the entire global bleeding disorders community.

The congress will see a line-up of speakers comprising leading experts in the field of inherited bleeding disorders and healthcare officials. The Congress will showcase the latest scientific and clinical developments in research, diagnostics and disease management. 





National Blood Centre – Kuala Lumpur 

Jalan Tun Razak 
Kuala Lumpur 50400

Tel.: +(603) 2613 2688 
Fax: +(603) 2698 0362 

Director: Dr. Noryati Abu Amin
Responsible for training: Dato’ Dr. Faraizah Bt. Dato’ Dr. Abdul Karim


Clinical activities: The National Blood Centre serves as a national centre coordinating the planning and development of the transfusion service in the country as well as a regional centre for Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding region, providing its blood supply and other related services.

One of its main functions is providing hemophilia care. It has a hemophilia daycare centre, where patients come for treatment. All patients are treated with factor concentrate. Approximately 100 cases are seen per week. The National Blood Centre is also the national referral centre where the national registry for hemophilia and other related disorders is kept.

As a regional blood centre, the facility collects, processes and tests all donated blood. Blood components are prepared in accordance with the principles of good manufacturing practice.


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