Let Me Take You Back….


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As one of the original Tainted Blood committee members, I immediately started writing articles for World AIDS Day related to the haemophiliacs super-infected due to the contaminated blood scandal. I was fortunate to build relationships with a number of media teams. This led to the editor asking me to write another article for the March 2008 Edition for Positive Nation Magazine, the title Step into the future.  

Step into the future

As many around the world celebrate Easter, a time when death and resurrection are the main narrative to the story. I thought now would be a good time to look back at this article to remember those who have passed, as well as those surviving and those who are living their lives exactly how they want to be.

The sacrifices so many have already made for human rights, dignity, respect, truth and equality has to continue as does our duty to ensure those sacrifices were not for nothing.

Now a decade on from the publication of the original piece, this remastered mini series encourages a more personalised look back at “our” time. 

The truth is, the struggles for equality and justice have changed in some ways, with huge leaps in progress. Whilst, in others they remain as bitter and as painful as the day we started fighting.

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March 2008

For all science fiction fans this article will feel very relevant. I’m not talking about worm holes, intergalactic travel or alien life. Instead I am referring to time.

Let me take you back to the 1970’s………….

Let Me Take You Back – 1970’s


Let Me Take You Back: Television we watched in the 70’s


Let Me Take You Back: 70’s Box Office Hits


Let Me Take You Back: 70’s Music




More will be revealed in time…