Bisexual people feel less satisfied, worthwhile and happy – and much more anxious

Bisexual people feel less satisfied, worthwhile and happy – and much more anxious


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Bisexual people feel less happy and more anxious than other sexualities, according to an ONS report released today.

They also have a lower amount of overall life satisfaction and feel less worthwhile than straight, gay and lesbian people do, according to the figures.

The research marks the first time the ONS has measured personal wellbeing by sexual identity.

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It was found that nearly one-third of bisexual people have “high” anxiety, compared to less than one-fifth of straight people.

Less than a quarter of gay and lesbian people said they have the highest level of anxiety.

Unsurprisingly, straight people reported the highest levels of wellbeing across all four of the ONS’s measures.

Addressing why LGB people have lower wellbeing rates than straight people, the ONS suggested factors might include “health outcomes, discrimination in access to services and in the workplace”.

The report adds: “It must also be recognised that these estimates do not account for other potential factors which may influence well-being ratings.

“The release Sexual Identity, UK: 2015 showed that you are more likely to report identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual if you live in London and previous research has shown that personal well-being is generally lower in London.”

The ONS surveyed 300,000 people over the age of 16 between January 2013 and December 2015 to find the results.

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Yesterday, a project produced by Manchester’s LGBT Foundation which focused on trans people’s wellbeing found the media is doing serious damage.

Alarmingly, the report found that one of the biggest factors negatively affecting trans people in the media – with 51% saying it has damaged their wellbeing.

67% of trans people have also reported being a victim of a hate crime, which is much higher than among gay and bisexual people.

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And 80% of transgender people experience anxiety before accessing hospitals due to insensitivity, misgendering and discrimination, the report stated.

It was also found that negative experiences with transition-related healthcare, higher rates of mental ill-health and a lack of research around transgender people’s health are key barriers.