Need a new perspective on Asian men? Just take a look at this photo series

Need a new perspective on Asian men? Just take a look at this photo series

Here are 20 hot Asian men to prove stereotypes wrong

Teddy Tzeng

Asian men

26 July 2016

by Nigel Tan

Let’s be real: Asian men aren’t always thought to be hot or sexy.

The stereotypes surrounding Asian men today limit how people view them, or rank them on the scale of attractiveness.

It’s easy to think of Asian men as more feminine, or more book-smart/nerdy, and less hunky/athletic. Why is this so?

Well, in a recent interview, John Cho, who plays Sulu in the latest Star Trek movie, points out that the issue has to do with Hollywood as a whole.

In the new movie, Sulu is revealed as a married gay man who has a daughter with his partner, and John Cho has some valid concerns.

‘I was concerned that Asians and Asian Americans might see [Sulu being gay] as a sort of continuing feminisation of Asian men,’ Cho told AV Club. ‘Asian American men, Asian men have been basically eunuchs in American cinema and television, and I thought maybe it would be seen as a continuation of that.’

True enough, the portrayal of Asian men in Hollywood has had an effect of how people view them in real life.

If you need a crash course on how Asian sex stereotypes have been shaped across time, see this:
On the other side of the world, Taiwanese photographer Teddy Tzeng captured a photo series of steaming hot Asian men which went viral online.

It’s not difficult to figure out why people are so crazy over them:












Tzeng said that he was simply taking some photographs of his friends when he thought that he could use the gorgeous images to promote his men’s clothing line, The Badroom Dance.

‘It was totally for fun at the beginning. I was just doing some shootings with my friends and thinking what to write and post on Facebook,’ Tzeng told The Gay Passport. ‘Then suddenly this idea came to my mind that I could use these “fun shots” to promote my fashion label which was doing some clearance promotions for the last 10 days of the Sale!’

Tzeng added that he’s surprised by the response.

‘It was totally unexpected to receive such a good response from my friends and fans. That’s why I decided to make a calendar which was a nice way to keep this series together.’











And here’s the photographer himself:



Who still thinks that Asian guys can only do well in school but can’t be sexy and hot?