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Independent insurance specialists, Rothwell & Towler have appointed Tristan Rothwell as Social Media Manager for the company’s leading brand, World First Travel Insurance.


Tristan, brother of Managing Partner Martin Rothwell, has returned to his roots in the south west, and the family business, having spent the past 15 years working as an analyst in the City.


The new role has been created to utilise a range of social media platforms to reach new customers, increase traffic to the World First Travel Insurance website and provide expert advice and information regarding travel and travel insurance matters.





Would you please tell us your job title and how long you have been doing this?

Social media manager – World First Travel Insurance, I have been doing this for 5 years now


World First



Can you describe what would be a normal day for you?

A Normal day for me will involve writing content for our travel blog and using social media to speak to customers to offer advice, I manage all our social media so this involves a lot of time spent on Facebook, Twitter etc



Why did you choose to work in this particular profession?

I sort of fell into it really I went off to London to pursue a career as the futures trader which i spent 15 years doing, but decided to move back to Devon in 2009, World First seemed like the obvious choice as it was our family business and I really wanted a change from trading.



If you could change one thing in your profession immediately what would that be?

Probably the misconception that what I do is easy, most people think I just sit around chatting to my friends on Facebook all day, the truth is its quite a bit more complex than that.



Are there any other subjects you feel strongly about?

Yes, I moved to Devon because I didn’t want to live in the big city anymore and be near nice countryside, but Exeter is becoming more and more over developed and more like London it’s getting spoiled and there is no need to build on every field developers can get their hands on.



What are your thoughts on same sex marriage?

Why not, I have loads of gay friends who have been together much longer than some of my straight couple friends and if they decide to make a commitment to each other then that’s fantastic, and let’s face it gay weddings are loads more fun that straight ones.



Do you have an opinion on so called “gay cures”?

It’s daft; I have an American friend whose parents tried to cure him of his “gayness” with all sorts of therapy! Guess what he is still gay!



How do you de-stress from a busy day?

Lots of cuddles with my 6 month old daughter Nancy and play guitar and running up big hills on Dartmoor.




Does your job require you to travel very often?

Not as often as I would like, I keep suggesting that they pay for me to travel the world in that name of travel research but alas they weren’t very keen on that idea.



Where is the most exciting place you have been and why?

Probably Chamrouse in France the location itself was stunning and we spent the weekend racing skateboards down a closed 6 mile mountain road at 50+mph, I get bored easily so I need to be amused, that was definitely amusing.



What is your favourite type of music?

Jazz, I love it, it’s what I mainly play guitar wise that and rockabilly from the 50’s I am basically a 50’s throwback



On the Haemosexual website we have a section called “Throw Back Track”. The track might trigger specific memories or just be a track you have always liked.


In your music collection, what would be your Throw Back Track?

Stray Cats – Runaway Boys this was the first record I ever bought and I still listen to it all the time, I remember seeing them on top of the pops and thinking at the age of 9 that I must get a quiff like the lead singer.

“This was the first record I ever bought and I still listen to it all the time, I remember seeing them on top of the pops and thinking at the age of 9 that I must get a quiff like the lead singer”




Who do you admire most and why?

My Mum and Dad for their unwavering support through thick and thin – if I were them I would have told me to bugger off years ago.



What do you feel has been your biggest achievement to date?

Definitely creating the amazing little thing that is my daughter, she is only 6 months old and very much my proudest moment, although my 50m swimming badge comes a close 2nd





If you were abandoned on a desert island, what would your essential three items be?

A plane, a pilot and an air stewardess that way I wouldn’t be stranded!



If you could give someone one piece of advice what would that be?

Be the person you want to be not the person others want you to be



Which super power would you most like to have?

Invisibility, then I could put on clothes in Marks and Spencer and scare all the shoppers



What type of vacation / holiday do you enjoy most? I.e. beach, cruise, city, etc

A beach near a city is ideal for me; I grew up surfing so a trip to the beach and then being able to go into the city afterwards is perfect



What is your favourite film / movie?


Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence – it’s all about POW’s in the war, not the most uplifting film ever but I have always really enjoyed it. 

Watch the trailer:



If you could meet anyone from history who would be your choice and why?

Now that’s a tough one and would probably change on a daily basis but as I am sat listening to him as I type am going to say Charlie Parker he was a saxophonist who died in 1955 and changed jazz, I would get him to teach me a few lick and the we would jam.



Haemosexual would like to send a huge “thank you” to Tristan Rothwell, for his time, kind words  and continued support.







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