Global Anti-LGBT Headlines 2017

Global Anti-LGBT Headlines 2017


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London: Man jailed for breaking man’s leg because he was gay

‘[The] needless, unprovoked and sustained assault that left the victim seriously injured and frightened.’

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There’s Been A Huge Rise In Hate Crimes Against LGBT People, A New Report Says

The figures were released as Stonewall launches its biggest campaign in years.

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It’s still illegal to be gay in 72 countries, new human rights report finds

The number of countries banning same-sex relationships has declined over the last decade, a new human rights report has found, but attacks against LGBT people are still common in many nations.

The report, released today by global rights group the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), found that same-sex relationships remain a crime in 72 countries around the world, down from 96 in 2002.


Police in Chechnya are reportedly rounding up gay men and having them killed in an act against homosexuality.