World Suicide Prevention Day 2018



World Suicide Prevention Day 2018


Gay Times has teamed up with the Years & Years frontman for a new campaign to encourage LGBTQ youth to discuss issues surrounding their mental health more openly.

The Flag We Shouldn’t Be Proud Of raises awareness of the harrowing statistics surrounded mental health around LGBTQ youth.

In a call to action, Olly Alexander holds the iconic Pride flag with two of its six stripes missing.

Those missing stripes represent the two in six LGBTQ youth at risk of taking their own lives due to issues surrounding shame, bullying, stigma, discrimination, dysphoria, anxiety and depression.

Gay Times has joined LGBTQ helpline Switchboard in urging anyone wanting to speak to a friendly ear to reach out and use their services. You are not alone.

Contact to Switchboard can be made direct via or 0300 330 0630.


The campaign centres around a ceremonial version of the iconic pride flag which has 2 of the 6 stripes removed in order to represent the 2 in 6 LGBTIQ+ young people at risk of being lost to suicide in the UK due to issues including bullying, discrimination, gender identity and mental health.

This powerful statement is made all the more poignant because the lost red and blue stripes traditionally symbolise ‘Life’ and ‘Harmony’.

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Rainbow Flag Torn To Raise Awareness of LGBTIQ+ Suicide


Did you know that someone takes their own life every 90 minutes?

‘Take a minute, change a life’, highlights that we can all look out for those who may be struggling, check in with them and encourage them to talk.

Find out more on what you can do to support here:

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