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Aedie Liew

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Would you please tell us what your job is and how long have been doing this?

Hi, these days I call myself the ‘Manscaper’ or Sugarist.

Or simply, The Body Groomer. I have been doing this for the past 6 years.




Could you explain about the various treatments and methods you use?

Sugaring is similar to waxing but we use sugar paste which consisted of Sugar, water and lemon juice, for its astringent properties. It’s also a lot  lighter so the paste sticks to the hair and not so much to the skin so it’s less painful,…. and a lot kinder to your skin.

I use a cloth strip like most people but I’m also trained and very good in using the ‘Hand Sugar’. It’s a firmer paste which is applied to the clients ‘hairy area’ and it will be taken off using a ‘Flicking motion’.

I sugar almost every part of the body with hair.

Let’s start from the top…

Eyebrow, ears, nose… facial hair,

Chest, Underarms. (The famous) Back, Sack and Crack.

Legs. Hands.



How did you begin working in this area?

Before ‘Manscaping’, I used to play the Bongos, or Percussion in clubs. Did that for years and still loving it. I decided to stop doing that as night life was really taking its toll on me. 6 nights of clubbing /performing, no sunlight, etc…

I decided to stop living in the night and wanted to look for a ‘normal’ job.

A friend of mine saw an ad in Boyz magazine. They were looking for a Male Therapist. They wanted to train someone to do Sugaring, Body hair removal.

I went for an interview as I’m good with my hands and what better ways to carry on using my ‘talented hands’ (lol) than doing sugaring?



What is your favourite treatment to do and why?

My favourite treatment? Put it that way, after 6 years of doing this, I don’t really have a preference. I just love the fact that my client left me feeling happy with themselves and feeling great.

I will sugar the areas they want and my job is to make sure that no hairs are left behind. I’m also very proud of my ‘finishing touches’. Don’t think dirty now, lol.

I will use a clipper and blend in the rest of the area to give it a Natural look. I find this really important as I don’t like that ‘obvious, I just had a wax’ look.





What are your ambitions for the business in the next few years?

I’m not a very ambitious person. I am aware of how much effort and risk it takes to open up my own salon.

I used to work in a salon but the hours were too long. (I’m a hardworking lad but honestly, that was some crazy hours I put in)

I then rented a place near Oxford Street but it was very difficult for me last year as my partner fell sick and I have to spend a lot of time looking after him.

One of my best friend then suggest I work from home. I live in SE1, off Tower Bridge Road and I have a spacious and lovely apartment.

Spoke to my regular clients and most of them were very supportive. Have been working from home for the past 5 months.

I’m just very grateful for the fact that I can still work and look after my partner at the same time.

I recently met this lady from Tunisia. Her name is Latifa and her family has been Sugaring for the past three generations! She has a little shop in Brixton and I’m thinking of working together with her. She does proper Traditional Hand Sugaring and makes her own Sugar too.

It will be a great opportunity to be working with her.



Who do you admire most and why?

Who do I admire? Definitely my mum as she is so hardworking and devoted her whole life, until today into looking after us. And when she thought her works are done with me and my two younger brothers. She now has 3 granddaughters to look after. It’s chaos at home every morning getting the kids to school and back all over again.



What do you feel is your biggest achievement to date?

My biggest achievement will be this job. This is one of the longest job I have. At first I was a bit shy about talking too much about this especially after being a Performer before that.

Over the years , I have almost , I said almost , perfected my skills and every time my client leaves , I feel such joy and pleasure knowing the fact that they will feel great inside or outside in this case.

The amount of Famous clients I have made me more assured of my work too.

And No, I won’t be able to tell you who they are lol



On the Haemosexual website we have a section called “Throw Back Track”. The track might trigger specific memories or just be a track you have always liked.


In your music collection, what would be your Throw Back Track?




If you could give someone a piece of advice what would that be?

The only advice I can give is, to believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid to take risks. There is no ending, but there’s always a new beginning. Thinking positive and respecting others will let you go a long way in life. Listening to others is very important too.



Which super power would you most like to have?

Super power? I guess it will be nice to be able to fly, so I can fly back home to Singapore as often as I like.



What is your favourite film / movie?

My favourite movie is “The Bridges of Madison County”. I remember crying so much and I told myself, if I meet that special someone, I will not hesitate to stay with him, wherever he is.

That’s why I came here to live, 18 years ago. We are still very happy together.




Is there anything you would change about your life immediately?

Someone told me when I was very young. When you look back, at your past, cherish the memories u had. Have no regrets and that means u have lived a good life.

I have made a few mistakes along the way but I have also ensured that I will not it again. After what happened to my partner last year. I’m just grateful for life itself.


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