HELP Hues Productions present “Holding On”

Hues Productions

‘Holding On’


HELP Hues Productions present ‘Holding On,’ a dance piece exploring grief in two parts.

Hues Productions are creating a dance performance that will explore grief in two parts.


The Piece:

In Act One, the production will begin with those honoured in the sculpture called “The Dark Elegy” by Suse Lowenstein, (  She is the mother of one of the passengers, a Student returning from Study abroad program through Syracuse University, killed in the skies over Lockerbie, Scotland, (Pan Am flight 103) in 1988. In order to show due respect and fully capture the extent of grief to which these families/friends underwent, we plan to interview and speak to many of them.  The audience will be introduced to a tragedy that hasn’t been mentioned in years, and it will be a reminder of the loss that accompanies the terrorism that seems so common in today’s world.  While ‘Holding On’ will use Lowenstein’s sculpture as its foundation artistic vision, it will not be limited to this.  We will build on her work by interviewing others to explore, through dance, the extent and range of emotions experienced by those affected in the wake of this tragic occurrence.  We will transform her static sculptural expression of grief and animate it through dynamic movement and music.

In Act two, we take a look into how we try to ‘hold on’ when life unexpectedly gets out of control. From loss of a family member, to loss of a relationship, to even loss of what could have been, we continue on and struggle  to get by day by day. With this piece we are taking everyday realities and exploring the journey we take to live and love, even when our whole world crashes down around us.

We will interview people who have journeyed through grief to gain insight to physical aspects, senses and movement associated with the pain caused.



The Team:

Hues productions/Rory Hughes:  Creator/Director/Producer

Rory Hughes has had this concept mulling in his mind over the last 15 years and is very excited to have it brought to life.  His is very excited to work with the people involved and has a connection to the first piece by attending the Syracuse University Musical Theatre Program.

Hues Productions mission is to bring ‘Broadway to Ireland’ and also create new opportunities for performers to have work in Ireland.

David Doyle: Lighting and Sound Design

Neil O’Brien: Choreographer;

Nina Pongratz: Choreographer;




We are very passionate about bringing this to life and to the Axis Theatre in Ballymun.  The recent attacks has brought back the range of emotions experienced by those affected in the wake of  loss and grief.  We want to provide a respectful, thought-provoking journey into the emotion of sadness and grief.


Our performance will be October 26 and 27th at the Axis Theatre Ballymun, Ireland 7:30pm curtain

In order to make this show, we need to raise the necessary funds.  We cannot make all of this happen without your help. We would appreciate any contribution you can make and any help you can give in spreading the word. The funds we raise will help us pay for the Theatre, Studio hire,  the dancers, designers, stage management, design, promotional materials, marketing, Marley for the stage & for the Choreographers.


Rory Hues