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 Haemosexual Australia 



Haemosexual Australia has been founded for two main purposes.


Firstly, we will be adding our voice and knowledge of the unique issues concerning gay and bi-sexual people with bleeding disorders, which are currently not discussed. No longer will we be out of sight out of mind.

We are here and our lives are as important as everyone else with a disability or bleeding disorder.


Project Aims


Promoting sexual health, risk prevention, personal safety and awareness along with psychological / emotional wellbeing

Provide a safe non-clinical environment for sexual health education and information to all those with a bleeding disorder

To highlight the sexual diversity across the global Haemophilia / bleeding disorder community and the implications of ignoring sexuality

To share information with the view to prevent any further suffering, injuries or people being harmed due to a void of educational material

To inspire all those with a bleeding disorder to achieve their full potential no matter what their sexual orientation

To emphasise the need for more openness, education and support for sexual health and wellbeing issues for those with a bleeding disorder

To raise awareness of how difficult life is for those with bleeding disorders in some parts of the World, and why sex and sexuality bring their own dangers



Secondly, to assist in the campaign for justice of those tragically infected and  affected through the use of contaminated blood products, who were betrayed by the professionals whose duty it is to keep them safe.

Until the past has been judicially investigated and fully addressed, the future of this small community is still in real danger, of repeating previous tragedies, more lives destroyed and seeing further totally avoidable deaths.

This requires equality by caring for the whole community, not only those deemed desirable through outdated opinions. Targeting and eradicating the use of threatening behaviour and discrimination to pervert the course of justice.

Australians have shown they are proud to promote diversity and inclusion. Global organisations and industries are embracing equality. Yet the same cannot be said for healthcare with human rights being denied to Australian Haemophiliacs.


Welcome to the 21st century of haemophilia care whereby we will be interacting with all those who have been infected / affected by the global contaminated blood scandal. Along with those Australians living with a bleeding disorder as people rather than a condition and most importantly, who they truly are.

A way of life cannot be sterilized to suit ignorance.

Exciting times as well as many challenges are ahead of us and we hope the information provided can prevent anyone from feeling as alone, confused and in danger, as we have had to suffer.

Charles MacKenzie & Mark Ward


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