Conversion Therapy Confronted In the UK


Gay Conversion Therapy Associated with Suicide Risk

New study provides concrete evidence that gay conversion therapy is dangerous.

When I went to see the new film Boy Erased this week, half the audience was in tears. The movie depicts the devastating practice of gay conversion therapy, in which therapists or religious professionals try to “cure” young people of their homosexuality. At the end of the movie appears the statistic that 700,000 LGBT Americans have been exposed to conversion therapy — an estimate that includes both conversion therapy for gender identity and sexual orientation.




The Charity Commission is urgently looking into two charitable organisations, exposed by ITV News this week, which claim people can change their sexuality.

A spokesperson said “We are aware of serious concerns regarding Journey UK and World Mission Agency – Winners Chapel International. The public rightly expect charities to be places in which people can feel safe and free from harm, so reports of this nature are of serious concern to the Commission. We are currently assessing information as a matter of urgency and will be engaging with trustees in order to determine our next steps.”

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You can choose from a summer retreat, priced at £535, a variety of books, or a series of relationship courses.

This isn’t a church raffle – it’s the website for a Christian charity called Journey UK.

And one of its aims is to help people with “addictions and insecurities” including relating to their “gender and sexuality”.

As part of our investigation into so-called gay conversion therapy in the UK, we spent two months attending its group sessions and reading manuals it uses to understand its techniques.

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An ITV News undercover investigation has exposed a UK church that claims God can fix gay people.

Our undercover reporter was told by several pastors at Winners’ Chapel in Dartford they could help stop him being gay.


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