Your Checklist

  We have put together a few things for you to remember.   Ensure your Haemophilia Centre has your correct personal details, including contact details   Change of GP details, if visiting other parts of the UK, or relocating   If travelling outside of the UK, ensure you have an up to date Customs letter from your Haemophilia Centre   […]

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Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs   This subject is one which covers the whole spectrum of the haemophilia/bleeding disorder community. Both young and old, those who have lived for years with chronic pain, viral infections or psychological harm, as well as those just starting out in adult life. Whatever your stage in life is the same risks and problems brought on by […]

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What is Haemophilia?

What is Haemophilia?     Haemophilia was the first bleeding disorder to be identified and it is also the most famous. A lot of people know that Queen Victoria carried the gene for Haemophilia and that Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia, famously had the condition.   As the video (above) explains it has usually been seen as a condition that affects […]

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