Mental Health: Part of a Balanced Lifestyle

Mental Health: Part of a Balanced Lifestyle 08/01/2014 05:23 pm ET | Updated Oct 01, 2014 Nick Holt, LCSW CBT-Certified Mental Health Therapist at in West Los Angeles, CA   Being an eager, determined, and active male within my personal and professional roles, I understand the inherent challenges when it comes to living and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. It is also a frequent […]

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Despite decades of studies, limited understanding of the complexities faced by a person with haemophilia or other blood disorder is unfortunately still widely unknown. The unique psychological and social problems of living with the condition, which also has great impact on families has radically changed over the past twenty or so years. Anxiety for the risks of bleeding and the threat from complications […]

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