Six different viruses are now known to cause hepatitis—hepatitis A, B, C, D, E and G. Hepatitis A, B and C account for almost 95% of all cases of viral hepatitis. The other strains are uncommon. For further information on heptitis viruses click on the links below. Hepatitis                          […]

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Bleeding Disorders

What Is a Bleeding Disorder? A bleeding disorder is a condition that affects the way your blood normally clots. The clotting process, also known as coagulation, changes blood from a liquid to a solid. When you’re injured, your blood normally begins to clot to prevent a massive loss of blood. Sometimes, certain conditions prevent blood from clotting properly, which can result in […]

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Mental Health: Part of a Balanced Lifestyle

Mental Health: Part of a Balanced Lifestyle 08/01/2014 05:23 pm ET | Updated Oct 01, 2014 Nick Holt, LCSW CBT-Certified Mental Health Therapist at nickholtlcsw.com in West Los Angeles, CA   Being an eager, determined, and active male within my personal and professional roles, I understand the inherent challenges when it comes to living and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. It is also a frequent […]

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